Dental Care after Halloween

Halloween, the holiday that brings so much cheer to a child’s life.  The sticky, delicious messes are sure to bring pure joy but if you do not take proper care of your teeth, the delicious messes may also bring your child a dental nightmare.  Here are a few tips to help care for your teeth after your Halloween treats.

*Pick your treats wisely.  Picking out the taffy and hard candy that can cause damage to your child’s teeth is a great way to avoid any sneaky dental nightmares.

* Set candy limits for your kids. Setting candy limits for you child still lets them know they can have candy but on your terms. Encourage your kids to eat a healthy dinner and for dessert they may have a few pieces of candy.  This way ensures they eat their dinner, fill their bellies and will not crave as many pieces of candy.

*Make brushing FUN!  Sing songs and let your kids know when the song is over, it’s time to stop.  Good rule of thumb is 2 minute songs.

*Join in on the FUN!  Kids learn best by example. The saying, “monkey see, monkey do” is a perfect example of kids vs parents. They will learn the best dental care by your example.

Teaching your kids about good hygiene and practicing basic dental techniques will help with cavity prevention not just on Halloween but all year long.  In the event of a dental nightmare, choosing Fox Family Dentistry ensures you’ll truly receive great care in a personable and friendly manner.  Dr. Ricky Fox and our team extensively research and invest in training, processes and technology to provide you with the most lasting, functional and naturally beautiful results. Contact us