Great Team

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Fox and his staff for about 10 years now. We are very happy with Dr. Fox and his staff. No complaints. I’ve had to have several caps and it’s so convenient to zip through the process in one day–they are able to make the cap while you wait with some painless photos which go to a machine and produce the new porcelain tooth that matches your own teeth. The gal who does my cleaning is so thorough and painless, and the assistants and office people are very helpful and sweet. My husband has had to have several teeth pulled and Dr. Fox can coordinate with the oral surgeon so the sequencing toward an implant is seamless. We have nothing but good to say. My husband enjoys “Dr. Rick” as they are both into fishing. They even have a TV in the ceiling to keep your mind occupied. One last thing, I can’t say I’ve ever had much pain. He’s pretty much painless. Somehow, Dr. Fox numbs the area with a Q-tip, and gives a shot that you don’t feel, then lets that area go numb, and gives more of the numbing shot as the areas become numb. I remember being so scared as a kid, and I still used to hurt even with novacaine. But with Dr. Fox, I just can’t say I remember having any pain with the procedures. You can also get in very fast if something goes wrong. There’s rarely much of a wait. They have a TV in the waiting area and good magazines. I think the charges are within line with other dentists. I only have good to say about the whole operation! Try him/them. I am sure you will find him and the staff very nice, and they will fit your needs very well. Bravo to Dr. Fox and everyone in the office! I like to give encouragement when something works well.
-Catherine M, July 22